Variant report

Variant rs2746073
Chromosome Location chr1:192779227-192779228
allele A/T
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Chromatin state (count:122 , 50 per page) page: 1 2 3
No. Chromosome Location Chromatin state Cell line Tissue
1 chr1:192776200-192780600 Active TSS Duodenum Smooth Muscle Duodenum
2 chr1:192776400-192779400 Active TSS Breast Myoepithelial Primary Cells Breast
3 chr1:192776400-192779400 Active TSS Brain Inferior Temporal Lobe brain
4 chr1:192776400-192779600 Active TSS Brain Cingulate Gyrus brain
5 chr1:192776400-192779800 Active TSS Ovary ovary
6 chr1:192776400-192779800 Active TSS Stomach Mucosa stomach
7 chr1:192776400-192780600 Flanking Active TSS Primary hematopoietic stem cells blood
8 chr1:192776400-192780600 Active TSS Aorta Aorta
9 chr1:192776400-192781200 Active TSS Pancreatic Islets Pancreatic Islet
10 chr1:192776600-192779800 Active TSS Colonic Mucosa Colon
11 chr1:192776800-192779600 Active TSS Brain Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex brain
12 chr1:192777000-192780000 Flanking Active TSS Primary hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized Female --
13 chr1:192777000-192781200 ZNF genes & repeats Fetal Brain Male brain
14 chr1:192777200-192779400 Active TSS ES-I3 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
15 chr1:192777200-192779400 Active TSS H9 Derived Neuronal Progenitor Cultured Cells ES cell derived
16 chr1:192777200-192779400 Active TSS Fetal Brain Female brain
17 chr1:192777200-192779800 Active TSS Pancreas Pancrea
18 chr1:192777200-192780000 Active TSS Fetal Muscle Trunk muscle
19 chr1:192777400-192779400 Active TSS ES-WA7 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
20 chr1:192777400-192779400 Active TSS Brain Anterior Caudate brain
21 chr1:192777400-192779400 Active TSS Esophagus oesophagus
22 chr1:192777400-192779400 Active TSS Left Ventricle heart
23 chr1:192777400-192779600 Active TSS Foreskin Melanocyte Primary Cells skin01 Skin
24 chr1:192777400-192779600 Active TSS Small Intestine intestine
25 chr1:192777400-192779600 Active TSS NHDF-Ad bronchial
26 chr1:192777400-192779800 Active TSS Brain Substantia Nigra brain
27 chr1:192777400-192779800 Active TSS Placenta Amnion Placenta Amnion
28 chr1:192777400-192779800 Active TSS Right Ventricle heart
29 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS HUES6 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
30 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS iPS-20b Cell Line embryonic stem cell
31 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS ES-UCSF4 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
32 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultured Cells ES cell derived
33 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Breast variant Human Mammary Epithelial Cells (vHMEC) Breast
34 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Primary T cells effector/memory enriched fromperipheralblood blood
35 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Foreskin Melanocyte Primary Cells skin03 Skin
36 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Brain Hippocampus Middle brain
37 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Fetal Intestine Large intestine
38 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS Fetal Muscle Leg muscle
39 chr1:192777600-192779400 Active TSS NHLF lung
40 chr1:192777600-192779600 Active TSS H9 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
41 chr1:192777600-192779600 Active TSS HUES64 Cell Line embryonic stem cell
42 chr1:192777600-192779600 Active TSS Fetal Kidney kidney
43 chr1:192777600-192779600 Active TSS Lung lung
44 chr1:192777600-192779600 Active TSS HSMMtube muscle
45 chr1:192777600-192779800 Transcr. at gene 5' and 3' Primary T helper 17 cells PMA-I stimulated --
46 chr1:192777600-192779800 Active TSS Ganglion Eminence derived primary cultured neurospheres brain
47 chr1:192777600-192779800 Active TSS Psoas Muscle Psoas
48 chr1:192777600-192779800 Active TSS Sigmoid Colon Sigmoid Colon
49 chr1:192777600-192779800 Active TSS Spleen Spleen
50 chr1:192777600-192780000 Flanking Active TSS Primary hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized Male --

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